Thursday, March 31, 2011

I will be taking a creative writing class for the next few weeks at Rosemont College.  I think it is a good way to keep my writing fresh and exciting. 

I just found this photo of my daughter taken a few years ago.  I thought I would post it since she has a peacock feather in her hair.  Children sometimes ask me why I chose a peacock to star in my first book.  I guess the answer is because I have always liked them.  I even have photos of peacocks from when I was in high school.  I also wanted to pick a character that had not been used a lot in stories - something beautiful, but unique.   

Monday, March 28, 2011

Night At Penn's Museum

Hello All,

I went with my two children and husband this weekend to the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology for their 40 Winks with the Sphinx event for Alums.  We arrived with our sleeping bags Friday night and went on a flashlight tour of the exhibits.  I got my first henna tatoo/body art - it's a bracelet supposed to last about a week or so.  We also got to touch a mummy and a few artefacts - up close and personal!  Very cool!!  Saw some ancient desserts - thousands of years old.  Then sampled some modern versions - a plum cookie and crysanthemum tea.  We all slept on the floor in the room with the Sphinx.  The next morning featured a nice buffet breakfast catered by Wolfgang Puck.  I loved the coffee.  It was absolutely wonderful.  We finished the day on Saturday afternoon with a train ride to Market Street and a Philly cheesesteak.  Great time! 

Take Care,

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Rita's Water Ice of Furlong - Book Signing Event

Happy first day of spring!  Today was my book signing event at Rita's Water Ice of Furlong on Edison-Furlong Road in Bucks County, PA.  It was a sunny, but cold day.  I tried a new hairstyle (some braids), enjoyed a hot coffee, and met some nice people.  Special thanks to Mike, Jonathan, and Carly for helping with set-up and keeping me company for 4 hours.  Thanks also to Jen for asking me to do a signing at her Rita's.  And a very special thank you to the lovely ladies, Maura and Connie of A Secret Garden Flowers (see photos below), for inviting me to spend some time with them next to Rita's in a prime location in front of their business.  Many people came to get their free water ice in the traditional spring celebration at Rita's.  I enjoyed the S'mores flavor!  Oh yeah, Percy Peacock showed up too, imagine that!! 

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Book Signing

Hello All!  Happy Spring!  I am doing a book signing this Sunday at Rita's Water Ice of Furlong in Bucks County, PA.  Rita's will be giving away free water ice starting at 12pm to celebrate the first day of spring.  I will be selling Peacock Parade for the discount rate of $10.  Looking to raise some money for Dandelion Time and Be the Light of the Party Foundation through book sales.  Wish me luck! 

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Photo Shoot for Next Book

Hi everyone!  I just finished doing a photo shoot for my next book which will be a "mini-release" counting type book for very little kids, hopefully coming in September.  I included a couple photos below for you to preview.  I will most likely use one for the back cover.  I'll update you about the new book as it gets closer to release time. 

Friday, March 4, 2011

Happy March to all!  I have been busy working on publicity for Peacock Parade.  I've entered the book into several contests, so I'll keep you posted.  Pavo, Georgia has an actual peacock festival and parade every year in May.  I donated a copy of the book to their local library.  This year Peacock Parade will be the featured prize in the children's drawing contest sponsored by the library.  I will be visiting more schools in the coming months and will also be working on an e-version of Peacock Parade and a new book!  Much Love!