Sunday, March 13, 2011

Photo Shoot for Next Book

Hi everyone!  I just finished doing a photo shoot for my next book which will be a "mini-release" counting type book for very little kids, hopefully coming in September.  I included a couple photos below for you to preview.  I will most likely use one for the back cover.  I'll update you about the new book as it gets closer to release time. 


  1. Nice Photos! What exactly is a "mini-release?" I have two children, and one's a toddler. Where is the book being published, or will it be available through you? Thanks!

  2. Thanks Miranda! My illustrator and I are just referring to it as "a mini-release," since it is in between Peacock Parade and our next book and is shorter in length. It will be available through Amazon most likely in September. I will post a link as soon as that happens. Thanks for your interest!