Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sharkey's Cuts for Kids in New Britain, PA - Book Signing

Today, I had a book signing at Sharkey's Cuts for Kids.  I had a lot of fun getting ready for this event.  I did my hair in a braid with a peacock feather and added a splash of blue color.  My nails were done in peacock blue and my daughter joined me with a peacock/blue hairstyle.  I also wore my first ever maxi dress!  It had a peacock design and touched the floor in true maxi-gown style.  I even did a little peacock eye makeup.  Fun!!  Special thanks to Amy for inviting me to her very colorful salon.  I scheduled an appointment with Miss Angela for my daughter's first ever manicure.  She had a great time.  She also enjoyed trying the samples of scented lotions available, including banana and chocolate.  Miss Angela also added a peacock feather to her hairstyle for the day.  Check out the photos below from my visit.  Evan and Carly join me for some pictures.  Thanks guys and thanks to Sharkey's too!  Stop by Sharkey's for your child's next haircut.  You can also read a copy of Peacock Parade while you are there! 

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Visit to St. David School in Willow Grove, PA

Yesterday, the day after my birthday, I had the pleasure of visiting St. David School.  I spent time with Mrs. Spinnraker's Pre-Kindergarten, Ms. Rush's Kindergarten, Mrs. Kensey's First Grade, and Mrs. Marsteller's Second Grade students.  The children, teachers, and staff were wonderful!  I received a warm welcome and many hugs.  Special thanks to Melanie Meyers for inviting me to come to St. David's!  The children looked adorable in their uniforms.  It reminded me of my younger days at Nativity of Our Lord School in Warminster.   

It was also a great day for the charities I support, Be the Light of the Party Foundation and Dandelion Time, since I received 30 book orders from the students!  It's always fun to sign books.  This time I decided to add something to my standard "Hearts and Hugs," signature - something special for just the students at St. David's.  I added "Love and Light!"  I like to do special things for the students at different schools, when the opportunity presents itself.  I read to the classes, answered questions, and showed the children how to do the Heart Project.  They made very lovely hearts for Be the Light of the Party Foundation's June party at Saint John's Hospice in Philadelphia.  We finished our visit right before lunch and concluded with a unique variation of The Big Hug (photo below). 

Thanks so much to the children, teachers, staff, and parents of the St. David School!   

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Willow Dale Elementary School Visit in Warminster, PA

Did you ever have one of those days where your step seems a little bit quicker and the sun seems to shine brighter?  You could be in love or you could have just experienced a fabulous author visit at Willow Dale Elementary.  If you are guessing the latter, you would be correct!  But I think love also wins since I have a warm spot in my heart for the teachers, staff, and children at the school.  I spent my Cinco de Mayo with Mrs. Laatsch's First Grade class and the students from Ms. Oniskey's Second Grade.  I did a reading of Peacock Parade, Question and Answer Session, and Heart Project with each class.

I began my day at 9:15am with First Grade and was greeted with many warm smiling faces, along with a freshly picked dandelion, drawing of a dandelion, and a lovely bouquet of white roses.  The children had prepared for my visit by reading my Bio page on my website.  I was so very impressed!  They knew I liked roses, dogs, and of course, dandelions.  I felt very special!  We talked about connections and writing.  They also decorated hearts for Be the Light of the Party Foundation's June party for the homeless at Saint John's Hospice in Philadelphia.  The Principal stopped by to visit and one of the students asked me for my autograph (my first "out of book" autograph experience - very cool!).  We finished the morning with an awesome group hug and a peacock feather wave (both of which are pictured below).  They surprised me with a signed note at the end of the day.  In the Second Grade class, the children presented me with a bunch of beautiful tulips.  They hung a large, colorful poster, decorated and signed with all of their names.  We talked about birthdays and writing, and I got to read a journal story.  They spent some time thinking of unique "phrases of praise" for their hearts.  We also took a group photo (pictured below). 

What a great day!  I'm sending my thanks, love, and gratitude to all the children, teachers, and staff of Willow Dale.  You guys so totally rock!!