Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Visit to St. David School in Willow Grove, PA

Yesterday, the day after my birthday, I had the pleasure of visiting St. David School.  I spent time with Mrs. Spinnraker's Pre-Kindergarten, Ms. Rush's Kindergarten, Mrs. Kensey's First Grade, and Mrs. Marsteller's Second Grade students.  The children, teachers, and staff were wonderful!  I received a warm welcome and many hugs.  Special thanks to Melanie Meyers for inviting me to come to St. David's!  The children looked adorable in their uniforms.  It reminded me of my younger days at Nativity of Our Lord School in Warminster.   

It was also a great day for the charities I support, Be the Light of the Party Foundation and Dandelion Time, since I received 30 book orders from the students!  It's always fun to sign books.  This time I decided to add something to my standard "Hearts and Hugs," signature - something special for just the students at St. David's.  I added "Love and Light!"  I like to do special things for the students at different schools, when the opportunity presents itself.  I read to the classes, answered questions, and showed the children how to do the Heart Project.  They made very lovely hearts for Be the Light of the Party Foundation's June party at Saint John's Hospice in Philadelphia.  We finished our visit right before lunch and concluded with a unique variation of The Big Hug (photo below). 

Thanks so much to the children, teachers, staff, and parents of the St. David School!   

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