Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sharkey's Cuts for Kids in New Britain, PA - Book Signing

Today, I had a book signing at Sharkey's Cuts for Kids.  I had a lot of fun getting ready for this event.  I did my hair in a braid with a peacock feather and added a splash of blue color.  My nails were done in peacock blue and my daughter joined me with a peacock/blue hairstyle.  I also wore my first ever maxi dress!  It had a peacock design and touched the floor in true maxi-gown style.  I even did a little peacock eye makeup.  Fun!!  Special thanks to Amy for inviting me to her very colorful salon.  I scheduled an appointment with Miss Angela for my daughter's first ever manicure.  She had a great time.  She also enjoyed trying the samples of scented lotions available, including banana and chocolate.  Miss Angela also added a peacock feather to her hairstyle for the day.  Check out the photos below from my visit.  Evan and Carly join me for some pictures.  Thanks guys and thanks to Sharkey's too!  Stop by Sharkey's for your child's next haircut.  You can also read a copy of Peacock Parade while you are there! 

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