Thursday, June 9, 2011

My Visit to Willow Dale's Third Grade

Today I had the pleasure of making another visit to Willow Dale Elementary in Warminster, PA.  This time I read to the Third Grade classes of Mr. Martin, Mrs. Wolk, and Mrs. LaGuardia.  Special thanks to Mrs. Daubert for introducing me to Willow Dale - what a great school!  And thanks to her daughters, Kira and Erika (photo below) for being stars in my book trailer video.  It was hot today (about 95° F), but the students were able to "rise above" the heat and fully participate in the day's activities.  We had two great question and answer sessions and also did a heart project for charity.  I always love the questions children ask me during my visits.  Today, I especially enjoyed, "Are you famous?" and "Do you live in a mansion?"  Kids, I'm working on both!  LOL!  I also got to enjoy a cream-filled slice of strawberry-topped cake.  It was from Ms. Oniskey's bridal shower and it was awesome!!

Forgot to mention in my last blog post from Willow Dale about my special signature.  I added "warm wishes" to my standard "hearts and hugs" signature on book autographs.  I'll reserve this special phrase just for my friends at Willow Dale.

So warm wishes to all my wonderful Willows and thanks for a great day and the beautiful hearts for the homeless!      

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