Sunday, June 12, 2011

My Visit to Mrs. Totans' Second Grade Class at Willow Dale

On Friday I went back to Willow Dale Elementary, this time to visit with Mrs. Totans' Second Grade Class.  What a great group of students!  I extended my stay because so many children wanted to decorate a second heart for the homeless at Saint John's Hospice in Philadelphia.  Everyone created wonderful and also very original "phrases of praise" for their hearts.  I was very impressed.  I even decided to use one as an example for future classes.  It was fun reading Peacock Parade to the students.  The fan was blowing cool air on me, so I had that "wind-blown" look and I was wearing my wild gladiator sandals.  Perfect!!!  Mrs. Totans let the children use some special stencils to add a nice touch to the hearts.  While I was there, I learned about the children's backpack through Europe project.  They sample foods from each country they "visit."  I believe Italy was up next.  Sounds like a good time to me!   Thanks everyone for another warm welcome at Willow Dale!! 

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