Sunday, December 18, 2011

Jamison Elementary School Visit

On Friday, December 2nd and Monday, December 5th, I visited with the students in Grades K-6 at Jamison Elementary.  I had a fantastic time!  I read Peacock Parade to all the classes and talked about their wellness theme for the month of December - Caring for Others.  We had question and answer sessions and discussed random acts of kindness.  I gave two mini writer's notebooks out to the student in each grade who guessed the correct number of dandelions hidden in the story.  One notebook was for the student to keep and the other was for him/her to give away to another person as an act of kindness.  I also did the same with some holiday pencils and a different question.  Excitement filled the air as the prizes were awarded!  I printed out a copy of my writing tips for the older grades.  You can see them here.  I also purchased lunch from the cafeteria and participated in a school fire drill - just like the students!

Autographed books were distributed at the end of each session.  I added a special "home is in your heart" to my normal "hearts & hugs" signature.  I sold a record total of 79 books!  Very exciting!!   A portion of the profits will be donated to the GRUBS organization at Jamison for the construction of the outdoor classroom and also to Dandelion Time, the book's dedicated charity.  Just like Percy in the story, the children are planning to create hearts with heartfelt messages to give to either a military person or someone in a nursing home.  Awesome!!

Special thanks to the principal Mrs. Benton, the staff, teachers, and children at Jamison.  Thanks also to Sameer for the nice comment in the Jet Gazette ("She taught us to do something nice to one another.  This was the moral of her new book.  Camut was being a mentor to all of us.  She will never be forgotten by me.").  And I will never forget my time at Jamison.  Much love!!   

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