Sunday, December 18, 2011

National S'mores Day at Lake Raystown Resort

Hello Everyone,

Today is the day that I have set aside to work on all the blogs I missed writing over the past four months!  I apologize for being so tardy.  Sometimes it is difficult keeping up with all my jobs (wife, mother, homemaker, writer, charity director, etc.).  Below is my first post from late summer about my visit to Raystown Resort.  It is a yummy one - enjoy!! 

Okay, time to take s'mores to a new level! The challenge on National S'mores Day at Lake Raystown Resort was to create a unique and great tasting s'more using only the ingredients you have on hand in your cabin. I made a white chocolate cherry s'more and won third place for Best Tasting/Most Delicious - an unexpected vacation foodie moment!!

The winning recipe -

Fun with S'moree!

 S'mores pancake from camping -

The Full Camut Camping Breakfast! 

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